growing up with baby

ini ada kutipan menarik dari film RV, kutipan dari Bob saat bertemu dengan karyawan Alpine Soda. yang menarik dari kutipan ini adalah tentang bagaimana Bob memandang hubungannya dengan anak.

Garry, Larry…

This is a nice company you have here. It’s your baby.

I bet at the birth of your baby; you were kind of scared, right?

Excited, but scared. You didn’t know how it was gonna turn out.

And next thing you know, it’s up and walking and you’re trying to raise it. You didn’t know what you were doing but you pretended like you did.

And next thing you know, your baby’s grown.

It’s bigger, older. More complicated.

Difficult to deal with.

But here’s the deal. You care about it just as much, because you nurtured it and part of you is in it, and you’re proud of it.

You love it more than ever.

And right now, you have to make a decision of whether you wanna merge your family with the Pure Vibe family.

Your stocks are gonna split. You’re gonna have money you won’t know what to do with. And your company’s gonna grow.

You’ll be bigger than a woman in bicycle shorts at Disneyland.

You’ll be able to get all that stuff, like the ski boat, a $4000 bike, maybe even a Barcalounger that massages your ass and blows smoke at the same time.

Bottom line here, Garry, Larry.

If you wanna merge Alpine and Pure Vibe, I promise you, you’re making the worst decision of your entire life.


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